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But...Why & Not? - ​words that break more than make

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

3 words that break more than make. 

Small words that make the biggest difference 

I recently conducted a 1 day workshop for a prestigious London Hotel. They asked me to come and work on the front office team's confidence levels and improve their ability to say 'no' to guests who insisted on money back for aspects they were dissatisfied about.

Through the day we focussed on various aspects of how self confidence can be built changing and reframing JUST 3 elements and also had some very energising practice sessions.

At the end of the day, I asked the delegates what they learned, what stuck the most what they would apply in their day to day jobs.

Not surprisingly they liked most was our 'language of confidence' tool - something we give very high importance to in our courses.

When I thought about what made the appeal, I realised that this was the learning that they were able to put to use immediately. (As most of us who have been on several training courses know, once we get back to our hectic jobs of a bustling hotel, all the training is forgotten in an instance and we find it hard to put each and every module and element into practice...there's a different psychology to that and I will save it for the next article)

Also, given that London being the melting pot that it is, most of the people in the hotel environment (guests and staff) are from various parts of the world and they all use English in their own unique and individual way. This actually becomes a barrier to communication between hotel staff and guests....

Just sharing simple tips around these words made a world of difference in how their communication transformed...both given and received.

Does this resonate with you? Comment below 👇

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