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How To Improve Personal Productivity - A NECESSITY Post Covid

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that hotel managers are going to need to step up their game once they go back to work post COVID19.

And by that I don't mean the business strategy....the strategy will fall into place based on a few external factors that will influence it.

The real requirement will be for Hotel teams and Hotel Managers to improve their personal productivity, as no one knows how things will play out and what constant changes and updates will be needed to bring back any sort of consistency in the revenues.

Even in the pre Covid times, Hotel teams face severe challenges such as :

  1. Multicultural dynamics

  2. Communicating effectively in such environments

  3. Team productivity

  4. Keeping oneself motivated and energised.

  5. High staff turnover

  6. Finding Win-Win solutions

These challenges will only intensify as hotel teams work at creating and driving new strategies.

This very poignant article by EHL highlights the key skills required to become a better manager.

Communication Skills

Being able to communicate effectively with employees, guests, upper management and vendors is a hallmark of a good manager. Growing in communication skills takes practice, but it pays off in a big way.

Language Skills

Language is a big part of communication. As a manager, understanding when to use what words, and learning how to express yourself with others from different backgrounds is a key part of success. Getting a grip on language skills is important.

Empathy Skills

A good manager is empathetic. This means they can understand what their customers and other employees are feeling. With empathy, a manager can get through the difficult situations because they are not only thinking of things from their own perspective, but instead feel from many different angles.

Organization Skills

Management often means that you are the one in charge of covering when someone is missing or on break, so it is vital you’re able to keep up.

Leadership Skills

A manager should not be a boss, they should be a leader. Therefore, leadership skills are an important part of being a good manager. Knowing how to get the best from every person in a team is important.

Teamwork Skills

Teamwork isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone, so learning how to work with others, even if they have different backgrounds or expectations can be a challenge - but it is an important one.

The question is HOW?

What are the techniques to improve communication skills? Or Leadership Skills? Or Language skills...

Surely none of the hotels and teams have the luxury of time to gain experience by trial and error.

Under our signature programme, Hotelier Excellence we offer all of these skills to Hotel teams.

Here's what some of them said


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