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Lessons learned from a park run on a VERY RAINY 🌧 morning

So I went out this morning for a run and as I got out of my car, it started to rain.

In a flash, my reflexes made me get back and the car and I decided to skip what I had planned and go back home instead.

And as I made that decision, I saw this man setting up exercise equipment and 'social distancing' elements and some high energy music.

It was apparent that he was setting it all up for potential clients who would come to the park and possibly sign up with him for fitness sessions.

It was also apparent from the weather and the paucity of runners and park walkers that there would probably be little or no success for him.

But this did not deter him. He finished the full set up and waited.

After watching him, (and feeling sheepish about my own mindset of not progressing what I was there for), I decided to get out of the car and pursue my run despite of the weather

My run lasted 40 minutes and at the end, he was still there, waiting...and no one turned up for his sessions. However, he had committed to what he had planned and started.

And it's that commitment that makes all the difference as it creates the discipline, the consistency, the repetition of action and therefore the momentum.

Had he decided to pack up or not unpack, it would have impacted his motivation and he would have probably gone back feeling very dejected and hesitant to try again, even if the weather was great!

Glad to have witnessed this much needed push to carry on despite of the external circumstances...a true metaphor for everyone in the current scenario.

So what do you do when you need to carry on and the circumstances don't support it?

Are looking for ways to use your own mindset and mental resources to cross over to the other side during these turbulent times?

You can be a part of a super exclusive club who is working on exactly all the elements to transform their lives.

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