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The 'Tennis Mindset'​ - how Hoteliers can learn and benefit from it

Tennis is THE only sport in the world, where 1 individual is in a contest with another to win the coveted prize / match.

In team sports, you have your team to support and share the responsibility and tasks.

But in tennis, it's the player has to rely entirely on himself/herself to achieve what they wish to.

Unlike other individual sports like boxing, wrestling, martial arts which are also 1-2-1s, in tennis, the competitor isn't allowed to be coached between sets or points.

Once a match begins, it's entirely up to the player's skill to achieve the winning result. And where the skills are matched, it's the one with the winning mindset who takes the price (and the runner up gets half of the prize money)...Such is a difference between winning, and not winning.

In my FB live at on the 'Tennis Mindset', I've talked about what '3As - Awareness, Attitude and Approach' can be used in our professional and personal lives to create the winning result we all SOOOO desperately need at this stage.

Interested in learning how to use the 'Tennis Mindset' for your professional and personal success?

And if you want to be part of an exciting and exceptional community of Hoteliers who are working at creating their new winning Avatar, join us at

Focus on creating a new Awareness, adapting your Attitude and design a different Approach. Not rocket science - Just 3As.

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