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What is Hotelier Excellence™?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Hotelier Excellence™ is a refreshingly different and unique Training, Coaching and Professional Development Programme for the hospitality industry.

This programme has been developed to provide much needed and sustainable transformation in the 3As™ Awareness – Attitude – Approach.

Focussing on ‘mindset’ development for leadership will directly impact revenue and enhance guest experience.

How does it work?

By using Neuroscience based tools and techniques that influence shifts in the 3As™.

These empowering techniques directly impact the team’s ‘mindset’ - how they think, how they communicate and therefore how they operate and lead.

This allows them to increase self-initiative, take more ownership and therefore enhance personal performance when working towards the end goal...which is profit via guest satisfaction – an absolute Win-Win.

How does it work in practice? 

In very simplistic terms it is an enhanced form of 'brain training'.

Applied effectively, NLP enables the brain to automatically respond to real-world problems and situations, acknowledge that aspects can be changed in order to create improvements and suggests the most practical and effective technique for doing so.

What is the relevance in the hospitality industry?

Take the case of a hotel where the guest checking in or entering the restaurant is usually well travelled or a seasoned user of hotels and restaurants.

The first point of contact that this guest has is someone at front office or front of house.

Usually, the hotel staff at this point is a trainee, a newcomer to the industry or someone new on the job at that property...and is still honing their job skills.

In all probability, this individual is also less travelled and less experienced in using hotels as compared to the guest he/she is serving.

How do you think this hotelier can perceive what will provide the highest level of guest satisfaction?

Today, self-confidence, communication skills and problem resolution are the most needed attributes in our industry.

Benefits of the programme:

Our programme provides you and your hotel team with:

·      Understanding guest perspective.

·      Better insights into human behaviour, necessary for problem solving.

·      Gaining knowledge of ‘what works for the guest.’

·      Enhanced communication and rapport techniques.

·      Effective grievance and complaint handling.

·      Processes to manage your behaviours in difficult situations.

·      Techniques to change those behaviours for the better by adjusting the mental attitudes.

·      Personal freedom in the way we think, feel and behave.

People speak :

“The content of the course is totally applicable to a hotelier’s needs. The topics covered can be easily used by the team not only for guest interaction but also in their daily operation with their team and supervisors. It surely gives an opportunity to solve and connect with the other person better; build rapport and more effective communication.” GM operations

Boutique Hotel group

“The training is very relevant to our area of work in the hotel industry. It encourages us to think differently and look for solutions when we are staring at the problem…and also not to over analyse the situation (as I tend to do). Moreover the learnings can be easily applied to my area of work based on the specific situations and examples that were sited.” Director of

Sales, Kerala Luxury Hotel

“Almost everything shared and experienced during training, was involved in my day to day work. The exact terminology to that situation or action or reaction was missing, but after this training could analyse and understand guest & those situations in far better way. Apart from that, knowing different body language to know your guest and building rapport with them has been very helpful and which has ultimately pushed my confidence to next level.” Director of Sales, Mumbai Business Hotel

“The training is great and am now looking forward to the Certification Course” L & D Manager Boutique Hotel Group

“The training was at the right time as we require it! I have just joined the company and it is a great start with a very worthy training. The way of training was absolutely in an excellent way and presentations were quite understandable. Will definitely apply in my area of operation and pass down the line to the team. " Executive Chef, Kerala Luxury Hotels

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