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Would you ask your Uber driver to decide what car to buy?

The complex landscape (along with the technology involved) in Hotel Online Distribution is like driving on a Super a different country!

Just knowing how to drive the car isn't enough.

You have to know the road rules, speed limits, peak hours and most of all the mindset of the other drivers in that country before you can drive comfortably....and not get fined.

And if you are driving the car yourself, you can take full charge. But if you have a chauffeur, you would not let them make choices on how to drive and what car to have.

In my FB live at , I shared the 3 key issues faced by almost every hotel (unless it's part of a huge chain) and the solutions to master Hotel Online Distribution in general and more so in the New Normal.

Comment below on your thoughts.

And if you want to be part of an amazing community that is upskilling themselves and creating their new Avatar, send me a PM requesting the invite.

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