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Fed up of having to deal with 

Hi, I’m Sam Adams and if you’re fed up of having a tolerable and mediocre kind of life, then I’m the person you want to work with!

If you want to get to the end of your days and look back without a coulda, shoulda, woulda…then now’s the time to start working with me!

If anything this Coronavirus period should have taught you is that we never know what’s around the corner, which means making the most of every single day should be your top priority. 

No matter what your situation is right now I guarantee you one thing, working with me will mean you’ll be happier tomorrow.


per month

SAVE 30%



For a limited time only, I am opening up membership to my private group that gives you direct access to me!!

So What Do You Get?


♦ 'Ask me' LIVE sessions

♦ LIVE Q&A sessions

♦ Monthly LIVE Zoom sessions

♦ Quarterly informal group meet ups

♦ Weekly challenges


♦ Bankruptcy

♦ Ripped off for £100k

♦ Abuse

♦ Grief/ Loss

♦ 20 years in business


♦ Emotional regulation

♦ Mindset shifts

♦ Perspecitive habits/ routines

♦ Your circle

♦ Environment


♦ What get’s said in the room stays in the room (NDA to be signed)

♦ Share and learn from each other

♦ Accountability from me to keep you on track

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